When working with our team at PGH Property Buyer, we strive to offer unbeatable value, convenience, and benefits.

These are reasons how sellers benefit in working with PGH Property Buyer and what makes us different from other buyers:

  • We are a legitimate buyer – we are NOT wholesalers
  • We pay cash and buy as-is
  • We offer a generous purchase price that our competitors won’t
  • We pay all closing costs (approx 4% savings to the seller)
  • Seller pays zero Realtor fees (6-7% savings based on neighborhood)
  • We don’t conduct inspections or appraisals
  • We don’t ask the seller to make repairs or monetary concessions
  • We let you (the seller) choose the closing date; we won’t ask you to leave in a rush
  • Seller may leave any items in the property we buy; don’t worry about spending time or money to clear out the property
  • We can help you find a rental or help you buy a new home if moving out of the home you sell us
  • Decades of experience in brokerage, investment, and construction
  • Guaranteed professionalism
  • Fair, honest, and transparent
  • We only conduct business at the highest standard of ethics and values